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The International Medical Centers of MN (IMC) includes 8 hospital Centers of Excellence, hundreds of specialty clinics and thousands of physicians, many of whom are highly regarded worldwide, ranked in US News & World Report, and are leaders in ground-breaking research and treatments.  We are also proud to welcome our newest provider partner, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Patient Care is first and we aim to treat the whole patient, not just the condition

Minnesota International Medicine (MIM) provides a unique combination of specialized care and personalized services that surpass the services provided by other international patient programs.

Medical Services International

Medical Services International (MSI) is a leader in innovative consulting, advisory, and education services for hospitals, clinics, and health authorities around the world. Through high-impact, mission-driven alliances, our team of experts collaborate with local partners to raise health care standards in a way that is customizable to the local vision.


Minnesota International Medicine’s mission is to provide the highest quality care possible, no matter what specialty you’re searching for. We connect you with highly regarded and world-renowned physicians within our affiliated hospital network which includes over 5,000 physicians and specialists. We assist patients in our friendly, thriving, and culturally diverse communities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, and help educate and strengthen medical communities abroad.


  • To uphold and educate on new global standards for an integrated, efficient healthcare model within healthcare facilities to implement best practice standards and improve patient outcomes
  • To provide high quality services and care to all patients locally and globally
  • To provide a dedicated team delivering comprehensive service before, during, and after treatment is completed
  • To maintain and strengthen the relationship between the international center, embassies, ministries of health and other sponsors


Founded in 2011, Minnesota International Medicine (MIM) is headquartered in Minneapolis. MIM, along with our hospital partners, delivers a unique combination of specialized care and personalized services.

Our total care team is the collaborative effort of physicians, nurses, patient coordinators, access coordinators, interpreters, and administrative staff. Supporting all the details of patient needs, our team members provide comprehensive services including care plans, travel coordination, preferred appointments, care navigation, transportation and hospitality services, and non-medical services for daily living to support the patient and family during their stay.